The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם written by Author of

The Spiritual Writings of the Spiritual Astrologer יהונתן וואקסמאן


This website will be online with audio in January 2018

This website will consist of 12 chapters

pertaining to the 12 facets of your life that you can change



Introducing Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes ספר שנויים

Begin Living Life by Making One Small Change

When you Make One Small Change in your life - then suddenly your Life will become worth living



The Book of Changes - Sefer Shinuyim

Healing-your-aura is an important part of the process of creating changes in your life.


I should be ready to begin revealing in 12 easy to read chapters with Audio in January 2018. The "BookofChanges - Sefer Shinuyim" - the spiritual understanding and practical method of creating real "Change" in real life.


Saturn defines the purpose of life for everyone of Earth to live your life to the fullest with your true destiny. The reason I love to write this astrology website is to teach you that nothing stays the same - because sooner or later things always change for everyone - and - that eventually everyone of you will live your destined destiny.


The online writings is to AWAKEN you to want to live your destiny - living your life to the fullest with a joy of life - living all facets of your destined destiny - because when you are that's when you truly feel ALIVE. Thankfully, I was awakened by GREAT souls and visionaries who saw my potential - and in the same way - and with the same technique they awakened me - I want to awaken you and ensure you live your destiny.


"Healing-your-aura" is another way of saying "Awakening-your-aura" is an important part of the process of creating real changes in your life. Because you can't begin to live your destiny if you're not awake.


Do you have a "Dead" or Blocked Aura ?


If you're having a dead-boring day or if you feel your aura is blocked - then send me a short email

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You know when you're alive because you truly feel alive, vibrant and lucky - everything is going smoothly and everything in your life is buzzing - it's like non-stop vibrancy of communication. I compare it to small kiosk in the best location like an airport or train station - lots of people continually coming in and out - the energy of such places are ALIVE aren't they?


It's the same with people - some people have nothing happening and no-one coming in or out of their lives. I define this affliction due to the "internet" - because many people sit, read and download without any interaction with the source - so you're creating a "dead" and blocked aura yourselves - as you're not GIVING OUT when you RECEIVE. You see - the aura of life defines to be alive - you need - TWO-WAY energies.


I'm currently preparing a new feature to this website - but to begin for all regular readers - if you're having a dead-boring day or if you feel your aura is blocked - then send me a short email - and - I will respond quickly - after that I expect you to reply quickly too - and after 30mins of a few short messages - I expect your aura to become ALIVE and UNBLOCKED.


You see - in the same way - going to a busy airport makes your aura vibrant and alive - sending and receiving emails from someone who is busy and auric ally alive - will make your aura alive. It will work - but you have to reply quickly to each of my messages!



Cleanse your mind - clear your head of lies - and - you'll find "life"

The cleansing process of "BookofChanges - Sefer Shinuyim" - says - It's better to believe in NOTHING than believe in a LIES


"Dead" or Blocked Aura is created by Lies

If you're having a dead-boring day or if you feel your aura is blocked

then there's something wrong in your life that's defined by a "lie"


You know when you feel alive - because life is clear and wonderful. You love everything and everyone in your life - and - you simply can't complain about anything. But when you're afflicted you feel the whole world doesn't understand you, you feel isolated and you feel "dead" - and tend to complain about life more than when you're truly alive.


Hence the transition of feeling dead to feeling alive is defined by seeing something clearly, honestly and truthfully. That basis is to realize that you should consider yourself "LUCKY TO BE ALIVE". Unfortunately ungrateful people are afflicted inside - and - the affliction of ingratitude is an illness created by something being WRONG.


BookofChanges defines whatever is WRONG in your life is a LIE. Because whenever things are true to you - then everything is RIGHT. Hence, you need to find out what "it" is that's WRONG. WRONG is something "wrong" for you - not necessarily something "wrong" for others.


WRONG is something you believe in to be TRUE. For example, if you believed the world was flat with Sun revolving around the Earth - and - then you find out the world is a Globe in orbit around the Sun and Sunrise and Sunset is created by Earth spinning on it's axis - then your mind and thoughts are in SYNC with the truth - you're believing in TRUTH. This - for example is why all generations prior to 15th century - were WRONG - all of them had an affliction in their aura.


I always say a truthful mind - always questions the Bible - questioning the Word of God is enlightened wisdom - because whilst prophetic visions of great souls saw things of importance applicable for all generations - there were facets of what "they" said which were LIES - because they lacked the knowledge of TRUTH - because their minds were blocked from seeing things.


Today - you should be a happier and more-alive person than all the generations - because your mind is in sync with a TRUTH - you'd never be able to believe in garbage "they" believed in. TRUTH expands your mind - TRUTH heals afflictions - TRUTH is life.


To find out the SOURCE of what is WRONG with you - make a list - a full description of the 10 most important things you believe in - then ask yourself honestly - is what you believe in 100% truthful. If your mind is believing in just ONE thing that's a LIE - then it will mess with your whole mind.


I often say - when you were young, healthy and felt 100% alive - your mind was relatively empty and pure - because you didn't yet messed-up by all the nonsense, lies and meaningless garbage you've learnt over the years. The information you've absorbed - especially the LIES you've been made to believe in - are the reasons why you feel depressed and dead.



"Flush Away all negativity"

This is simple to do - costs nothing - and - will ensure you literally flush-away all the negativity ...

This is proven - tried and tested - "Magic" from Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes



Everyone came into your life like a delicious meal

But many people must leave your life - like going to toilet ...


Your whole life is defined by the number of different experiences you have. All experiences are defined as GOOD experiences - because if they weren't good or didn't have some good in them - then you wouldn't have experienced them.


Like the food you eat - there is good in everything in the world - there is good in everyone in your life. Your destined destiny is to take the good out of all of life's experiences and discard the "garbage". Your physical body does this naturally everyday when you go to the bathroom. Nature is talking to you. Your body is talking to you.


All your problems have been created by OTHER PEOPLE. You allowed "them" into your life - you were enticed to let them into your life - destiny made them come into your life to experience the GOODNESS of a relationship with them. The problem - is you've forgotten to let-go of them and forgotten to flush them out of your life. Now is the time to flush them out.


Hence, this "magic" - which is a proven - tried and tested - from Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes - requires you to recognize the GOODNESS in everyone you've met - but also requires you to LET-GO of the badness you encountered too. Don't hate the people you've met in the past - each was destined destiny - but out of acceptance for the experience - now is time to let-go of the badness you encountered.


It's easy to do - simply write a list of everyone you've encountered in your life on small pieces of paper [especially people you want out of your life forever]. Then next time you go to the bathroom for your BIG daily bowel-movement - put the pieces of paper in the toilet and then "shit" all over them. It is both funny, therapeutic, symbolic and liberating to do it. Immediately flush the toilet - and - be rid of them and their influence forever.


This is what we call "white magic" - you're not doing any hocus-pocus nonsense - you're merely in sync with your physical reality. Remember the truth is all the people who came into your life - were GOOD for you - like yesterday's meal - but it's time to let-go of the negativity created by them and time to flush them out of your life.


I should add that "if" they're truly to be part of your future - then when you do this "their" aura will sense you've done something - and then they will unexpectedly contact you - proving "they" are connected to you and sensing what you've done.


The MAIN result is that within 2 days - you will have a surprise of either something NEW or someone NEW coming into your life - or - something that's been blocked actually happening - because you've let go of the "past". Try it and see for yourself .....






I should be ready to begin revealing in 12 easy to read chapters with Audio in January 2018. The "BookofChanges - Sefer Shinuyim" - the spiritual understanding and practical method of creating real "Change" in real life.



Sefer Shinuyim The Book of Changes ספר שנויים

Any Moment of Life without feeling alive is Death



Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים "The Book of Changes" fundamental concept is that EVERYTHING in this physical world CAN be changed. In fact everything in this life has it's destiny to be changed.


Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים "The Book of Changes" defines that "A single thought has the power to change the whole world". "The purpose of life is to change - as a physical life without change is death". "Love has the power to change anything and everything" and "יפה שעה אחת של אהבה יותר מאלף שנים של שנאה" - "One moment of love gives more life and is worth more than a 1000 years of hate".


"The Key" of Your Life

The key to create any change in your life is defined by an invisible energy in your thoughts and emotions


Whenever you thinking of making a change in your life - or - whenever you've arrived at a dead-end - it is like feeling you're about to open an enormous door - but - all you need a tiny key to open a big door. To solve a baffling mystery, you only need a small clue. If it currently seems as if something vast and daunting is preventing and blocking you from making progress. Naturally enough, you are contemplating big moves.


The secret key to your success is unlocking something in your mind and thoughts. Concentrating and using the power of your mind is all you need. That is all you really require - a seemingly little piece of information. A word or two from the right person. An idea from the right part of your own imagination.An insight from the right section of the library. A seemingly trivial discovery is about to make a very big difference. We hope in the following sections we shall be able to provide you with the KEY.


The Keys of Wisdom & Knowledge

The Book of Changes Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים


The spiritual method by which the "KEYS of Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge" are used to unlock access doors to different facets of our soul are the same in each and every generation. This NEW enlightening version Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes encompasses and explains how each person can attain the power of obtaining "Keys of Spiritual Knowledge" and be blessed with the opportunity to use them wisely.


With just a small key of knowledge along one's pathway of life, one will have the ability to transform and change ones thoughts and heal ones soul. This is the ONLY reason EVERY person came to this earth to CHANGE and become spiritually enlightened.

Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים "The Book of Changes" explains that spiritual knowledge is compared to a KEY; in that a small key can open a very large door. It only takes a small amount of knowledge to make a very big change in ones life, but it starts with a small "key" of knowledge to open the door in ones mind and soul.


Amongst the new chapters of Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים The Book of Changes, EVERYONE will find the specific correct key of knowledge for the correct "access door" that one needs to open in ones life to follow a meaningful, purposeful and spiritually enlightening life.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם